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Calabria„When time has come to create Calabria, God held in his hands 10 000 square miles of green loam with violet reflexes. The Lord gave himself the promise to transform this material to a masterpiece and consequently he designed Calabria in a much more beautiful manner than California and Hawai, the Côte d'Azûr and the Japanese peninsulas.

He gave the Sila the pine, the Aspromonte the olive trees, Rosarno the orange plantations, Scilla the sirens, Ciró the wine, Pizzo the tuna, Cosenza the tomb of the Hunnish King Attila, the rocks the wild olives, the mountains the songs of the shepherds, the plains the delicious vine, the beaches the isolation and the waves the reflexes of the sunlight… Cosenza the Academy, Catanzaro the damask, Reggio Calabria the bergamot and the strait of Messina the sword fish.

Subsequently, he distributed the months and seasons to Calabria. For winter he assigned sun, for spring sun, for summer sun and for autumn once again sun… He ensured for the fact that the sea always shines in violet colors, that the roses bloom in December, the sky is cloudless and the ground always fertile, the climate is mild and the herbs are are attracting by their exhilarating smell… ".

Excerpt from the short-story „IL GIORNO DELLA CALABRIA"
("The Day of Calabria") by Leonida Repaci

CalabriaCalabria is famous for its crystal-clear sea, its romantic beaches, the hidden bays and the guaranteed sunshine. But the region at the southernmost peak of the Italian Mainland has far more to offer… as differently and contradictory as the country are also its inhabitants, whose characters unite the impenetrability and profundity of the mountains with the infinite and inviting width of the sea.

For almost 10 years now, Calabria has become my second home and the longer I stay here, the more fascinated and captivated I am. It is difficult to describe Calabria to someone who has never been there. The fascinating mixture from past and modern trend, from crowded bays and abandoned mountain regions, the national parks, the initially gruff charm of the inhabitants which transforms after a while into sincere affection and unconditional hospitality, the ancient traditions, old delivered arts and crafts, etc.…

You have to experience Calabria yourself to get your own idea of this manifold region in the deepest South of Italy.

Calabria ItalyThe desire to convey our enthusiasm and love for this region to others gave birth to invite you on the following pages to a journey into Italy’s Forgotten South.

We’ve deliberately excluded large hotels and holiday villages from our accommodation offer and have selected only small and mainly family-run structures or private accommodations with small intake capacity in which the guests are still considered as individuals and not as anonymous numbers. CalabriaWhether private houses, holiday apartments, Bed & Breakfast or rural manors (the so-called Agriturismi) - we exclusively offer personally selected structures which we can really recommend to our guests.

Therefore our offer covers a whole range of diverse vacation desires – we offer accommodations at the Seaside as well as in the hills and mountains – from luxury flats and sophisticated apartments to cosy and comfortable accommodation in country-house style… On request, we also customize our offer to your specific needs and we organize accommodation for round trips and give hints where to stay during your journey.

As from March to October I am personally on site, I will accompany you to the selected accommodation and give you all the information you need to make your holidays unforgettable.

…Hope to meet you in Calabria…


Jutta Kirchner

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